Hospital Sur Organizes ‘Recover Your Mobility’, the First Free Hip and Knee Replacement Campaign

Oct 5th, 2017

CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Hospital Sur will host ‘Recover Your Mobility’, the first free hip and knee replacement surgeries campaign for people over 56 years of age.

The campaign is organized through an alliance between Hospital Sur and Artrolab, a trauma physicians association. The companies Johnson & Johnson and Pisa Farmacéutica will also participate donating the medical supplies needed for the operations.

The main ailment addressed in this campaign will be hip and knee arthrosis, a chronic illness that affects these joints and is one of the 10 major reasons patients seek medical assistance in Mexico.

The selection of patients will take place in September. The candidates eligible to receive a hip or knee prosthesis will be determined after a medical evaluation. Some of the main selection criteria are: health condition and age. The surgeries will be performed during 2017.

The beneficiaries of this campaign will receive complete care. After surgery they will have rehabilitation therapy to provide strength and mobility to their prosthesis.

Through this campaign, Hospital Sur continues bringing together the goodwill of individuals and medical organizations to provide a better life quality to those in need.



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