Hospital Sur Acquires a Pentero 900 Microscope

Jun 26th, 2017

CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Hospital Sur acquired a Pentero 900 surgical microscope, the only one of its kind in northern Mexico. Its yellow 560 technology will allow microsurgeries in neurology, otolaryngology and reconstructive plastic surgery specializations.

This equipment will help our surgeons work on veins and arteries smaller than one millimeter in size more easily.

Moreover this next generation device has high potency filters that provide surgeons enhanced visibility during the resection of tumors and thereby increase patients’ life expectancy.

Another advantage provided by this equipment is that it allows real-time visualization of the procedures carried out by the surgeons during surgeries.

This is one more example of our continual efforts to equip our hospitals with the most advanced technology and consequently to expand our offer of targeted services, thus providing hope to whoever needs it.



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