Hospital del Parque Organizes the Second Medical and Surgical Brigade in the Sierra Tarahumara

Oct 5th, 2017

Physicians from Hospital del Parque, under the leadership of Pedro Leal Solís M.D. and in coordination with Johnson Mopper and PiSA laboratories and local business, organized for the second time this year a free medical and surgical healthcare brigade at the Hospital Tarahumara of Sisoguichi, in Bocoina, Chihuahua.

During three days, staff from Hospital del Parque, which includes physicians, surgeons, nurses, residents, interns and volunteers, came together with medical staff from the Hospital Tarahumara to provide 29 free surgeries to low-income people.

Additionally, 100 dental procedures, 80 internal medicine consultations, and 90 gynecological, orthopedic and ENT consultations were provided.


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