Hospital Conchita inaugurates its pediatrics area

Aug 25th, 2017

With an investment that exceeds eleven million pesos, CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Hospital Conchita completed renovating its pediatrics area and Cafe con Causa Cafeteria. 

Thanks to this renovation work, the pediatrics area now has a total of 15 rooms for pediatric patients and a Master Suite. Also, this area has been equipped with the MUGUERZA Cinema, a movie theater where children will be able to watch their favorite film whenever they wish to.

On the other hand, with and investment exceeds 300 thousand pesos, Hospital Conchita started operations of the new cafeteria “Coffee with a Cause”, an undoubtedly a great initiative that seek fundraising for our social programs through the Casa Cuna Conchita, a foundation that supports pregnant women in situations of vulnerability. 

Together with these improvements, Hospital Conchita began the renovation of the neonatology area, which will provide better attention to babies during their first minutes of life.

With actions such as these, Hospital Conchita continues contributing to maintaining the satisfaction rate of its patients and providing a unique and memorable experience.


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