Hospital Conchita Changes the Life of 10 Women with its Free Gynecological Surgeries Compaign

Jul 5th, 2017

CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Hospital Conchita organized the second module of its High-Complexity Gynecological Surgeries Campaign, through which it provided a better life quality to 10 women.

This program was carried out through an alliance with the Hospital Regional Materno Infantil de Alta Especialidad, STORZ –a leading manufacturing company of endoscopic instruments–, and the Gynecological Endoscopy Association of Nuevo León.

During the campaign, Hospital Conchita provided patients with two operating rooms to receive care for conditions such as myomas, cysts and cervical-uterine cancer, which were treated by means of laparoscopic procedures.

By practicing these surgeries, our residents received an accreditation from the North Western University.

This is one more example of how we continue aiding those that need it most and creating healthier communities.


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