Altruistic blood donors are recognized by CHRISTUS MUGUERZA

Jun 17th, 2016

During the memorial World Blood Donor Day, CHRISTUS MUGUERZA’s authorities recognized those who have helped save lives through voluntary blood donation.

During the event, held on June 17, Juan Jose Alvarez Hoyt, Hospital Alta Especialidad’s Administrator, reported that 37 percent of donations currently received in the Unit’s Blood Bank are altruistic, so he thanked and acknowledged the work of each of the Associates who have made possible to achieve these statistics.

After the ceremony, volunteer donors, civil associations, educational institutions and companies were recognized for their hard work in benefit of altruistic blood donation.

In order to progress in altruistic blood donation, CHRISTUS MUGUERZA has launched the public campaign “The blood connects us all”, aimed to thank the altruistic donations and emphasize, through testimonies, the solidarity and connection between donor and patient.


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